About Chris

Hi, I’m Chris.

My passion in life is Health, Healing and Nutrition. I work as a health and wellness coach helping people implement powerful lifestyle changes to experience abundance of health and vitality.

I had the privilege to train in health & nutrition sciences at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, the mecca of natural medicine in the world and also trained with NLP co-founder John Grinder and celebrity life coach Tony Robbins.

I am a certified Hypnotherapist, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner as trained by Dolores Cannon, NLP Master Practitioner, Advanced Pranic Healer & Arhatic Yogi.

Why isn’t everyone thriving? 

We live in a world of convenience as a result a lot of people today lead unhealthy lifestyles and end up with degenerative diseases. According to the World Health Organisation less than 5% of diseases are hereditary so with the right lifestyle most diseases are totally preventable and in many cases completely reversible.

It is not complicated to eat right or make healthier lifestyle choices. It just takes responsibility. If we don’t make time for health now, we will most definitely have to make time for sickness and disease later on. 

One of the recurring themes I see with people is that they’re looking for the magic bullet or miracle cure. Truth is the magic pill does not exist. The cure to almost every disease is your body’s own immune system. All it takes is to nourish your body, detox, hydrate and exercise, but most importantly deal with any unresolved emotional issues. Your immune system and health will take care of itself in the most effortless way. 

I help clients transform their lifestyle (and lives!) to enable them to experience total rejuvenation and vibrant health. People who take responsibility are able to create extraordinary futures for themselves.

My story

What inspired me to become a health coach was my own journey and the transformation I experienced after changing my diet and lifestyle and cleaning up my emotional world.

I used to suffer from constant migraine headaches, digestive disorders, heart palpitations, anxiety and plenty of ever so changing temporary symptoms. When looking for a cure I always felt misguided by conventional medicine which only ever treats symptoms and not the root cause.

Inspired by a 10-day healthy eating challenge in 2012 I decided to take things into my own hands and embarked on a series of actions to boost my immune system and heal myself.

Reinventing my life

I changed my diet replacing acid forming food like meat and dairy with more alkaline food like green vegetables, green juices and sprouts. I gave up sugar, coffee and alcohol and explored different whole food plant-based diets. Hunting for healthier food alternatives I was introduced to a world of superfoods, superherbs, medicinal mushrooms and supplements.

Next to dietary efforts I cleansed and detoxified my body with green juices, colonic hydrotherapy, infrared saunas and several liver & gallbladder flushes. I also replaced all beauty products with more natural ones. I looked at overall lifestyle choices and stress triggers and adapted from a busy and hectic routine to a more balanced path by practicing meditation, yoga and mindfulness.

What brought about real transformation and long lasting change was  healing my emotional wounds and realising the impact our mind has in the overall healing process. Through hypnosis and NLP I was able to clean up unresolved emotional issues and overwrite limiting beliefs and my health took off in the most effortless way.

What I learned transformed my life

These curative measures let me on an educational journey to finding the secret to vibrant health. I learned that health is a combination of good nutrition, regular exercise, detoxification, attitude, work/life purpose, environment, creative & spiritual expression as well as healthy relationships.

Where we live emotionally is by far the most important driver for vibrant health! And having passion and purpose in our life will turn good health into extraordinary health!

Take your first step towards vibrant health and vitality with Curative Measures. Together we’ll transform your health so you look and feel your best. Join me!


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