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18 Experts Reveal The Secret To Extraordinary Health

Curative Measures is a journey to extraordinary health.  But what is extraordinary health and how do you attain it? I recently asked a panel of health experts: ‘What is the secret to extraordinary health?’ These are all people I’ve either met or who have inspired me along my journey. Their responses were truly encouraging. Whether […]

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Who Do You Think You Are?

By Justin Zalewski Who do you think you are? Who are you really? I mean this in a truly genuine and sincere way. What are the different labels that we consciously or unconsciously attach to ourselves and what are the numerous ways in which our family and friends or peer group profoundly influence us? Whenever […]

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Avoid these 5 toxic food additives

Over the last 12 months I made the conscious effort to eliminate chemicals from my life. This turned out trickier than expected due to the sheer amount of toxins mixed into our food and every day products. It is estimated that there are more than 6,000 chemicals added to our food. These chemicals are incredibly […]

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30 Healthier Food Choices

Making healthier food choices is easier than you think. And it doesn’t require drastic changes to get started. Below is a comprehensive list of my favourite substitutes. Give it a try! Artificial Sweetener Stevia, Bee Pollen Table Salt Himalayan Salt,  Kelp Coffee Dandelion, Barley, Chicory Pasta Soba / Rice Noodles, Spelt Bread Sprouted Breads, Raw […]

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Olive oil

How To Save A Gallbladder

Last week I was on a Skype call translating back and forth from English to German and Polish explaining to a client how to do a gallbladder flush. It was an interesting and highly rewarding experience. My colleague Justin Zalewski from Superfoods7 and I helped a 65-year old Polish lady in Germany to save her […]

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Ditch These Personal Care Products

This week’s post is dedicated to reducing the exposure to toxic chemicals in our life by taking a closer look at the ingredients of 3 everyday cosmetic products. The average woman applies 500 chemicals a day to her body and uses up to 12 cosmetic products each morning. From soap, shampoo, deodorant to moisturizer, make […]

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Superfoods cereal

5 Must Have Superfoods

This week’s post is dedicated to FUN foods. Super healthy, energy boosting, longevity promoting fun foods. Welcome to the world of Superfoods! What Are Superfoods? Superfoods are foods with a high and concentrated amount of nutrients and as such are some of the most nourishing foods on earth. They have the highest amount of minerals, […]

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Do You Pass The Sniff Test?

How would you feel if you left the house without putting on any deodorant or make up or using any soap or shampoo? Would that make you feel uncomfortable or extremely self conscious? Would you be worried that your body could smell bad? Whenever I talk to most people they say they would feel extremely […]

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