Stress free life(style)

Vibrant health is not just about what you eat, it’s also about dealing with what’s eating you. In today’s society many people live hectic lifestyles and rarely find time to exercise, relax and unwind or get adequate amounts of sleep. Too much stress is creating an acidic environment in which disease can develop and thrive.

It’s essential to give body, mind and soul time to rest and replenish. Changing to a healthier lifestyle is about creating more balance and harmony in our life and finding more natural ways of living. Practising mindfulness, reconnecting with nature, reducing exposure to stress from electromagnetic radiation all form part of creating a stress free life.

I help you transform your lifestyle (and your life!) and bring your body back to balance by finding stillness in everyday stress introducing you to simple relaxation techniques like mediation which will bring you mental clarity and inner peace.

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