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Dr. Brian Clement – Hippocrates Health Institute
Christina is one of the most passionate, energetic people I’ve met. She walks her talk, she does what she preaches and she inspires everyone with her knowledge and expertise about healthy living and nutrition. Every time I visit her blog—which is a lot—I learn something new and want to apply it immediately. If you want to live healthier, make better food choices and understand more about wholefood plant based diets, Christina is the person to go to! I can’t recommend her enough.
Bridgit Smith
I had 3 sessions with Chris, and I cannot thank her enough! The effect was not immediate but I am still gobsmacked with the results! My slight eating disorder (binge eating) which I had for many years faded away a few days after the session. The relationship with my husband got so much better! I stopped blaming others for my unhappiness. My sexuality started to get much more honest and relaxed. My fear of people (general fear of communication, face to face or phone calls) faded away. I can cope with stress in a healthy way and physical self-harm stopped completely. I am going through life with ease now. I am still working on myself, getting better and worse days. But Hypnosis with Chris freed me from many of the basic issues in my life.
I have had the pleasure of getting to know Christina well over the last year. Her passion for Health and Nutrition is clear and her life and activities are massively aligned with her purpose – to help others become healthier. I also love her blog – I’ve become a fan of Wheatgrass and Chlorella since reading her entries. If you’re looking for an awesome writer and a person with massive amounts of passion and knowledge for Health, Christina is your woman.
Carolina Baker
The session with Chris made me aware of where my anger and resentment issue is physically located and the NLP technique she used resolved one of the biggest rocks, rocks and pebbles in my chest. I could literally feel how it dissolved in my chest, how the rock disappeared and made space for other things, better things, like love. That had an immediate effect. The hypnosis session helped a lot with a specific health issue. The advice was not to worry about it. Worrying about it was actually worse than the issue itself so now I stopped stressing out about it and it’s only because of the session. I am actually very relaxed about it. So I got a great results with that. Lastly the advice to make time to meditate and relax and consciously breathe – I implemented that and it gave me additional momentum. I really tried and it had a very positive effect. That was one of the main lesson that I took away from the sessions with Chris to make time for relaxation every day and that I do.
I had the flu with soar throat, fever, headache and almost all the painful symptoms of it. Usually for me it takes at least 7, 10 days to recover from the flu. On the first day of my sickness, one of my friends asked Chris to do a distance energy healing for me. If you open your heart and mind to accept healing, you will see unbelievable result, you do not have to do anything except not shower for 8 hours and leave your legs and arms uncrossed for one hour. The day after I was totally cured, there was not any flu symptoms. I am really appreciative about the healing process by Chris and also my friend who introduced Chris to me. I would like to strongly suggest this Pranic Healing centre to other people.